Friday, November 06, 2009

Midnight Hymn for the Unrest

Questions! Always questions!
Better questions than answers
The delight is in the uncertain

And the interpreters of everything
Better be a symphony than a composer
Better surrender than investigate

Life may be elsewhere
A touch, a smell, a feel, a taste
But it is near – so near!

The blue sheet of water
The brown film of soil
The green shade of tree – feel alive!

The theory, a final explanation
All roads lead to unification
A joke – everything but laughter

Myths and mysteries – rejected
Laws – accurate but dry
A need for God

A search for the purpose
A search for the self
Endless labyrinth, finite footprints

A goal in the making
A future tirelessly perceived
The traveler of chance, racing after tomorrows

It does has speed
A promise of light
How beautiful life be, if lived in moments

A will not ready to submit to boredom
The philosophy to live recurrently changing
But the wisdom may just be there

Joy in sorrow and hope in longing
Love – the essence of life
It is there – very much there

In the blink of an eye, you discover everything